Lee U-Fan Sotheby’s Painting Hammer Price

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The subject of this article is the analytics of the hammer price of Lee U-Fan’s paintings from 2012 May to 2017 April.

I hope this analytics help you to know the market price and invest in art pieces.


The Number of Art Pieces

The number of paintings that was put up for Sotheby’s auctions from 2012 May to 2017 April is 60 and 56 of them were sold succesfully.

The successful bid rate is 93%.

The Market Price

The average of the hammer price is $460,715, and median is $316,733.

The average per 1㎠ is $41, and the median per 1㎠ $44.

That means that  the size B5(17.6*25) Lee U-Fan’s painting  is about $19,360 and that the size A3(29.7*42.0) one is about $54,885.

The Price Trend



The relationship between the price per 1㎠ and auction date is plotted on the scatter diagram above.

The X axis means the price per 1㎠, and the Y axis means auction date.

The pink line is the trend line of the price trend.

The graph shows that the price of Lee U-Fan’s Paintings is on an downward tendency.

The Auction Venue




The pie chart above shows the auction venues that Lee U-Fan’s Paintings are auctioned.

The 38.3% of  Lee U-Fan’s paintings are auctioned on New York auctions, 20.0% are on London auctions, and 35.0% are on Hong Kong auctions.

That means that Lee U-Fan is popular in America, Europe and China.


How about considering to buy paintings of Lee U-Fan’s paintings for the investment and fun because the art pieces are popular in worldwide. 

You can check more information about Lee U-Fan here.

Source:Sotbeby’s: http://www.sothebys.com/

*We use the exchange rate of 2017 July for analytics.
**It does not guarantee the accuracy of analytics